I sailed with VISS back in November 2014. I spent a week aboard the Silver Lining catamaran, with Captain G. as our instructor.   I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing time I had.   I think it must be a tremendous challenge for a captain to teach folks who are coming aboard, each with different skill levels.   And yet, Captain G. made each day and each lesson both fun and informative.

I think I and the other folks on board appreciated the fact that Captain G. took each of our desires into account when creating our week’s itinerary.   It meant that not only where we learning new skills, but we were getting to do it in the location(s) of our choice.   I came back from the experience raving to all of my friends about how much fun I had and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend VISS to anyone.   I think it would especially be a ton of fun to do with a whole family of folks interested in either learning how to sail or who may want to brush up on their sailing skills… all in the beautiful setting of the VIs.   Thanks so much for an amazing “learning vacation”.   I hope to be back, soon!

Catamaran Sailing Student - Virgin Islands Sailing Vacation November 2014