Planning Your Sailing Vacation

It doesn’t matter what level of experience or skills you might or might not have at sailing. Sailing Adventure Vacations is here to help you find the perfect sailing vacation for you. An adventure vacation that will provide you with knowledge, skills, and confidence required to independently sail. Of course, while this may be a learning experience, it is also part of a vacation. A time for you to have some fun and enjoy yourself through exploring and participating with any number of the available activities in the area.


Let’s Get Started

First, are you searching for a specific class, ie; beginning sailing lessons, refresher courses, advanced sailing classes? For beginning sailing classes use the navigation bar at the top of the page and hover over the “Learn to Sail” tab. This is where you will find American Sailing Association courses. An explanation of beginning courses is outlined and start with ASA 101.

Second, choosing a location. Hover over the Locations tab to find the areas that we currently provide services in. At the present time, the Caribbean region is the primary location for our services. Listed under the locations tab, the countries of The Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, and the US Virgin Islands (USVI) are major areas for us. Click on the country tabs to discover more information about each individual location.

Please note: If the Caribbean destination you are interested in is not listed, please contact us and we will help you plan a sailing class or sailing vacation in another Caribbean location.  Also, Sailing Adventure Vacations can easily customize something for you. For those who prefer a sailing vacation or sailing class within a more private setting such as individual, couples, small groups, or families, planning and organizing a customizable itinerary for you is our specialty.

Third, our 2017 sailing classes and event schedules are listed under the Class and Event Schedules tab. Clicking on the tab will take you to our monthly calendar which gives you a breakdown of the monthly schedules. If you hover over the tab, you will see a complete list of the schedule.

Clicking on any of the class or event schedules will take you to a brief announcement page of the event. It lists the start and end date, location, type of boat/yacht, price per person, plus other important details.

As soon as you determine a location, date, price, and the class/event you would like to register for, copy the title of the class.

For example, “St Martin Flotilla February 1 thru 8 2017” or “Week 10 USVI BVI All Inclusive Group Sailing Class Leo47

This information will be used on the Booking Form Request.

Fourth, Click or hover over the tab “Yacht Types” to discover which type of boat/yacht will be in-service during your planned trip.

Finally, click on the blue “Online Booking” tab that is located at the top of the navigation bar. This will take you to our Online Booking Request Form. Please fill-out the form completely with the correct information including your full name, number of people in group, start date, end date, interests, class/event being offered, best email address, phone number, and any additional requirements or suggestions for your booking.

Once you submit the information, we will process your request and get in touch with you to confirm all the details along with payment information.

Other Useful Information

Utilize our safe and secure easy payment method through PayPal.  For deposits and other payments towards booking.

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Participant Waiver Form

Click the “Participant Waiver Form” button below.  The tab will open up a new page where you can e-sign, date, and submit the participant waiver form.

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