St Martin

Since 1684, the island paradise of Saint Martin and Sint Maarten has been split between the Dutch and French. The southern half is home to Sint Maarten which caters to Dutch influence. The Northern part, Saint Martin is the French settlement.

Familiar trade winds, tropical temperatures, and scenery filled with natural beauty and wonders, this is Saint Martin, an island region located in the Caribbean and famous for some of its picturesque landscapes and natural floral arrangements. Visitors to this tiny island paradise often get caught up in the natural gratification owning to its scenic beauty. On top of this, its location and natural landscapes provides an area for some of the worlds best sailing vacations.

About The Location

2018 Flotilla

Saint Martin is ideally situated on the windward side of this island paradise. The ideal location provides swells along the beaches that attracts surfing enthusiasts from around the world. Besides that, sailing has also topped as one of the islands most popular activities. In fact, each year participants from Europe and America take part in one of the world's famous sailing exhibitions the Heineken Regatta. Events like these plus the benefit of a scenic paradise and ideal weather conditions makes Saint Martin the perfect choice in sailing vacations.

St. Martin has become a paradise for sailing vacations, especially since average temperatures range between 80 and 82 degrees practically year round. Because of these average temperatures, St. Martin enjoys the benefit of having a lot of sunny days for sailing and other water activities. Constant trade winds also help in producing ideal weather conditions for almost every type of sailing adventure.

Learn to sail vacations in St. Martin are readily available with certified ASA sailing instruction from qualified instructors. It doesn't matter whether you seek first time sailing instruction or simply require some refresher points before sailing the Caribbean waters. Choosing a St. Martin sailing vacation can provide you with everything you need to enjoy the ultimate experience in sailing adventures.

St. Martin is home to many adrenaline rushing water activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, deep water diving, sailing regattas, and sailing vacations.

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