Enjoy a St Maarten Sailing Vacation


Learn to sail in St Maarten by joining a St Maarten sailing vacation is truly one of the popular activities shared among visiting tourists.

St-Maarten-Sailing-VacationSt Maarten is part of the northern Caribbean island chain and often gets confused with Saint Martin. St Maarten involves a combination of cultures and is part of the Dutch settlements in the Caribbean. St Maarten shares its island culture with Saint Martin which is located on the neighboring French side of the island which is basically sectioned into two halves. The Caribbean Dutch island of St Maarten or as it’s also called Sint Maarten has been constantly growing as a tourist destination. And, because of it’s location in the Caribbean region and ideal conditions, vacation makers often choose one of the many St Maarten sailing vacations as their holiday adventure.

A St Maarten sailing vacation literally means that you will spend time enjoying a relaxing, fun filled, adventure holiday loaded with unlimited opportunities. Maybe it’s due to the co-existence of the two separate and very unique cultures which have been shared for over three hundred years. The northern section of the island has been occupied by the French, while the other half is distinctly Dutch. Although the island is shared in culture and language between the Dutch section of Sint Maarten and the French half of Saint Martin, tourists will not experience a border crossing or check point area and can move about the island as if it were one nation.

Little-Divi-St-MaartenOf course, there are so many other reasons why St Maarten is the perfect spot in the Caribbean to experience total relaxation, fun, and adventure. The Caribbean island itself boasts something of a unique blend of mixed cultures, especially with a French influence on the opposite end of the island. From highly rated French cuisine and European fashion trends to the Dutch carefree lifestyle, the island produces a spectacular setting in a wonderful Caribbean location. On top of everything that the island offers, tourists are taking advantage of the beautiful sandy white beaches and amazing ocean views while enjoying total comfort and relaxation in world-class hotels.

Remember one thing that every Caribbean destination has in common, beaches! Very few destinations or regions of the world share a tropical environment which offers spectacular views and an inviting climate of blue turquoise waters and soft sandy white beaches. But keep in mind, besides the luxurious beach settings and tropical weather, the Caribbean provides a vast area of ocean playgrounds for those who want to experience the ultimate in sailing adventures.

What’s more, a St Maarten sailing vacation is the ultimate experience in sailing adventures that everyone can enjoy!